Guide to Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise – Weakness, Drops, Weapons, and more

Hunting at the top of the food chain.

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The flagship monster for Monster Hunter Rise, Magnamalo is the primary antagonist for much of both the Village and Hub campaigns. Aggressive, deadly, and possessing a unique purple flame, this monster can be a major roadblock for the unprepared hunter. Magnamalo’s gear is equally powerful, coming with the Resentment and Hellfire Cloak perks that, while not as immediately useful as Critical Eye or Weakness Exploit, are effective for the mid-game.

Magnamalo guide for Monster Hunter Rise

All Magnamalo Weaknesses

Magnamalo is resistant to Fire, Ice, and Dragon elements, cutting out many of the non-Raw meta damage options available when you first fight it. However, hunters who spec into Water and Thunder damage are well equipped to tackle Magnamalo. Don’t try to use Blast on it, as it’s immune, nor should you expect much return from any Blight effects save for Waterblight. Projectile weapons are also off the table; the Hammer and other Blunt damage options are best overall.

Body PartsSlashingBluntAmmoFireWaterThunderIceDragon
Hind Leg3030250252050

Magnamalo Low-Rank Material Drops

Capturing Magnamalo can be more beneficial, especially the first couple of times you encounter it, as you don’t want to risk it getting in a lucky hit or two and sending you back to camp just as you’re about to win. Some specific rewards are also easier to come across if you capture Magnamalo. Even in the Village hunt, the monster has a lot of HP, so be prepared for a brawl. As always, break as many of its parts as you can to maximize your rewards.

MaterialTarget RewardsCapture RewardsBroken Part RewardsCarvesDropped Materials
Magnamalo Scale 17%–%36% (Armblade)36% (Body)
20% (Tail)
19%, 31%
Magnamalo Shell29%37%–%21% (Body)26%
Magnamalo Blade21%–%80% (Armblade)16% (Body)–%
Magnamalo Scute7%19%80% (Back)–%8%
Magnamalo Tail8%15%–%80% (Tail)–%
Magnamalo Ghostprism16%–%20% (x2) (Back)26% (Body)30%, 35% (x2)
Magna Ghostprism2%3%3% (Head)1% (Body)1%
Magnamalo Horn–%26%97% (Head)–%–%
Wyvern Tear–%–%–%–%50%

Magnamalo High-Rank Material Drops

While not as meta as the Nargacuga gear, Magnamalo’s equipment is important for other reasons: it’s used for equipment outside of its core tree, including Teostra, Bazelgeuse, and even Valstrax armor and weaponry. You’ll need to be pretty efficient farming Magnamalo, whether you want to or not.

MaterialsTarget RewardsCapture RewardsBroken Part RewardsCarvesDropped Materials
Magnamalo Scale+18%–%20% (Armblade)34% (Body)16%, 30%
Magnamalo Shell+30%35%–%20% (Body)26%
Magnamalo Blade+22%–%80% (Armblade)16% (Body)–%
Magnamalo Scute+8%18%80% (Back)–%8%
Magna Soulprism16%–%20%(x2) (Back)26% (Body)30%, 35% (x2)
Magnamalo Plate5%5%5% (Head)3% (Body), 5% (Tail)3%, 1%
Purple Magna Orb1%3%3% (Part)1% (Body), 3% (Tail)1%
Magnamalo Horn+–%25%92% (Head)–%
Magnamalo Tail–%14%–%75% (Tail)–%
Wyvern Tear–%–%–%–%15%
Large Wyvern Tear–%–%–%–%35%

All Magnamalo weapons and armor

Here are all the Mangamalo weapons and armor you craft with its materials.

Magnamalo Weapons

  • Greatsword: Sinister Blade I, Sinister Blade II, Sinister Shadowblade
  • Swords and Shield; Sinister Sword I, Sinister Sword II, Shadekeeper
  • Longsword: Sinister Longsword I, Sinister Longsword II, Sinister Shade Sword
  • Dual Blades: Sinister Gemini I, Sinister Gemini II, Sinister Famineblades
  • Lance: Hidden Sinister Spear I, Sinister Spear II, Sinister Shadespear
  • Hammer: Sinister Hammer I, Sinister Hammer II, Sinister Shade Hammer
  • Light Bowgun: Sinister Bowgun I, Sinister Bowgun II, Sinister Shadow Bolt
  • Charge Blade: Sinister Slasher I, Sinister Slasher II, Sinister Shade Axe
  • Gunlance: Sinister Gunlance I, Sinister Gunlance II, Sinister Shadowshot
  • Hunting Horn: Sinister Strum I, Sinister Strum II, Sinister Shadestrum
  • Switch Axe: Sinister Axe I, Sinister Axe II, Sinister Shadowslice
  • Heavy Bowgun: Sinister Volley I, Sinister Volley II, Sinister Dreadvolley
  • Bow: Sinister Bow I, Sinister Bow I, Sinister Soulpiercer
  • Insect Glaive: Sinister Staff I, Sinister Staff II, Sinister Shadowstaff

Magnamalo Armor

  • Sinister Helm
  • Sinister Mail
  • Sinister Braces
  • Sinister Coil
  • Sinister Greaves

High-Rank Magnamalo armor will be denoted by S after the monster’s name.