Halls of Torment: Best Sorceress Build

The Halls of Torment may not be so torturous with the right build.

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If rougelikes, rougelites, or any other dungeoneering quest has taught us anything, it’s that trial by fire and trial by error are the two best ways to go about the randomly generation dungeon crawling experience. Throughout Halls of Torment, you need to pick different abilities, items, traits, and other such critical elements to the gameplay that impact your session going forward.

Everything’s set on randomization so that no dungeon run is boring, but with specific builds, there are a few things to consider that you can repeat each time. When choosing a build for a Sorceress, it can be good to stick to a couple of reliable tactics on repeat, so that you can build the skills and experience required to progress. In this article, we’ve summarized what makes the best build for a Sorceress in Halls of Torment.

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How to Get the Sorceress in Halls of Torment

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To get the Sorceress initially, you have to defeat 10,000 enemies in the Forgotten Viaduct. As you may expect from any magic character, the Sorceress is quite strong, having one of the highest damage output levels of any character in the game. The Sorceress has high mobility as well, making them an ease to handle. The only issue is that they’re quite the glass cannon, so you have to be very overworld aware: both for your own character and the enemy.

Best Sorceress Abilities in Halls of Torment

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Concerning abilities, the ones you may want to invest in involve playing into your natural strengths as a Sorceress. This means upping the attack as much as you can, solidly and soundly so that nothing can hit you. Abilities like Lightning Strike are brute force type abilities that strike the enemy through with lightning. As for the details, here are a few abilities to consider for a Sorceress build and why you may want to choose them for your run:

  • Lightning Strike: Stikes random enemies within the player’s field of view with lightning. Other enemies get electrified even if not directly struck. Consider upgrading this ability as much as you can, since more robust versions such as Lightning Strike II and Lightning Strike IV offers more strikes per charge and quicken your rate of attack.
  • Astronomer’s Orbs: When you cast this, metal orbs begin to orbit you, dealing damage to enemies. The higher your movement speed, the faster these Orbs move.

Best Sorceress Traits in Halls of Torment

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Traits, like abilities, should focus on the obvious needs for a Sorceress. The name of the game for this build is to make her as fast and as strong as you possibly can, since there is no point in defending with such weak glassy numbers on that end. While you can’t repeat traits, there are a few to keep an eye out for, such as these:

  • Swift Feet I: Raises movement speed by 6%.
  • Strength I: Improves damage by 10%.
  • Quick Hands III: Boosts attack speed by 8%.
  • Ruthlessness I: Adds a critical damage buff of 8%.
  • Piercing Wind I: Adds a piercing buff (1%).

Best Items to Have As a Sorceress in Halls of Torment

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Anything that can improve damage, or the Sorceress’ potent electric attacks is a good item to have. Her strengths are in damage, speed, and little else. Synergy with her elements and needs can help make the Sorceress function as intended: with little damage wiggle room and a whole lot of control on screen. There are plenty of items that help glass cannons survive throughout Halls of Torment, such as the following contenders:

  • Quickhand Gloves: Much like Quick Hands, this item improves your speed, but much more potently. (20%).
  • Copper Ring: Offers a Critical Damage buff (+40).
  • Ring of Fire: Whatever primary weapon or spell you use also now has all fire effects. This means that any attack you make with the Ring of Fire has a 20% of burning the enemy.
  • Blood-Soaked Shirt: With this item, each time you kill an enemy, you heal for 1 health.
  • Thunder Crown: The Thunder Crown improves magic attacks, aiming Lightning attacks at already electrified enemies, more than often doubling the effect.
  • Hunting Gloves: Adds a buff to all strikes (30%).
  • Collar of Confidence: For each enemy within strike range, your damage increases by 5%.
  • Wooden Ring: Base crit chance buff by 10%.