Halo Infinite Boom skull location – Warship Gbraakon level

Explosions for days.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite carries on the Halo tradition with the inclusion of skulls. These collectibles act as modifiers to the gameplay experience, making the game easier, more exciting, or more difficult depending on the skull in question. Our guide below details how to find the Boom skull on the first level of the Halo Infinite campaign.

The first mission, Warship Gbraakon, sees Master Chief infiltrating a banged-up warship inhabited by the Banished. As an introductory level, it retains the series’ traditional linear design. As such, it’s challenging to get lost. At one point during the level, you’ll take an elevator that leads you to a room with an audio log resting against some containers.

Screenshot by Gamepur

From here, you’ll dispatch another few waves of enemies across a linear path. Once you reach a room with two levels of elevation housing a series of moving rectangular containers toward your right side, pictured in the screenshot above, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Kill all the enemies in the room before getting distracted by the skull. You’ll notice three sets of these platforms, each with one moving container and one static container. Use the moving container from the middle set as a stepping stone. Once on top of it, wait a moment until it moves again. It’ll stop before reaching the ceiling, allowing you to grab the Boom skull from the jammed container in front of it. The Boom skull doubles the radius of explosions.

Screenshot by Gamepur