Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – What Is The Spectrespecs Lens


Spectrespecs Lens is something new that has popped up in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Part of the Anti Calamity Kit, a limited time bundle that you can purchase for real money. The big question is, what does it do? Will it give you increased power in your fights against the Dark Arts? Will it allow you to see eldritch secrets, hidden from the eyes of those who lack the Spectrespecs Lens? Nope. It will just make you look a bit silly is all.

What Is The Spectrespecs Lens?

You guessed it; it’s a cosmetic item. It will just allow you to customize your portrait, and will not give you any stats bump at all. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think that is a good thing. Being able to buy stats would move the game firmly into the pay-to-win camp, something a lot of mobile gaming already struggled with it. But, the question is, why do they have to look so ugly? Sure, things being pleasing to the eye or not is pretty subjective, but I think most people will agree that these Spectrespecs Lens are not the best-looking things in the world.

This is also why you should always check out what is in these bundles before you buy, as you may not be getting what you think you are getting! Because Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is so new, there is a lot to be confused about, so we have made up all sorts of guides that you might find useful. If you are wondering if you should download all the assets, or how to save your battery while playing, then we have some helpful advice for you. We also have a guide on how to turn off AR Mode for combat, which I would strongly suggest as it is far more enjoyable without it.

Anyway, that covers it for the Spectrespecs Lens, it is just a simple cosmetic, and not something you need to overly concern yourself with as it provides no in-game advantages over your fellow wizards.