Harvest Island: How to Catch All 5 Crabs & Raccoon Locations for the Harvest Offering

It’s crab rave time on Harvest Island – here’s how to catch crabs to make that Harvest Offering to the gods.

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Your first quest in Harvest Island is pretty straightforward: head to the island and make the Harvest Offering to please the gods. However, just as you interact with the altar, your sister reveals that she has lost all five crabs your dad gave you to please the gods. Your gods — and worse, your dad — will be pretty upset with you unless you manage to make that Harvest Offering before the day ends, so it’s time to retrieve those five crabs on your own.

How to Catch Crabs on Harvest Island

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Crabs can be found on the shores of the northern island or even on the beach east of the farm. There’s one right outside the gods’ altar area, to the east. Though it’s not hard to spot them, catching them is a whole different story.

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After a few attempts, you probably noticed crabs keep attacking you before quickly slipping through your fingers. The key to catching crabs in Harvest Island is sidling up to them. Try approaching them from either side instead of walking up to them from the front or back.

Walk around the island once, and you should be able to catch all five crabs with this method. You could get a couple more and cook Steamed Crab at home later.

How to Find the Raccoon in Harvest Island

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After walking up to the gods’ altar with all five crabs, they will have changed their offering. It turns out they now want Raw Meat as well. As Will and her sister walk out of the altar area, they spot a Raccoon that could work to satisfy the gods. 

  • Find the Raccoon to the island’s south, sniffing the coconut tree to the east.
  • Find the Raccoon to the island’s northwest, near another empty palm tree to the south.
  • Find the Raccoon to the Gods’ altar’s left, outside a burrow.

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For better or worse, the Raccoon mom will get away, but a mysterious coin will eerily appear in the burrow. Perhaps the Gods might accept this as an offering instead.