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2023 Halloween Game Events Calendar

Halloween events are rapidly returning in gaming, and we're ensuring you don't miss your favorites with this all-comprehensive list.

Mark your calendars – it will be a busy few months as the fall events start pouring in from around the gaming world. If there’s a game you’re interested in, it probably has an event that’s either upcoming or already out.

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To keep you and ourselves updated on what’s going on with each popular title, we’ve compiled a list of events that are Halloween or fall season-related. That helps with keeping track of those pesky updates. In the meantime, get your candy basket and toothbrush ready.

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List of Games and Events

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GamesEventsEvent Details
Final Fantasy XIVEvent: All Saint’s Wake
Times: Unannounced (formerly October 19, 2022 to November 1, 2022)
Updates: Website Twitter
Players can participate as volunteers in the Continental Circus’ activities to obtain different rewards based on the festival’s theme.
FortniteEvent: Fortnitemares 2023
Times: Unannounced (Expected first week of October)
Updates: Website Twitter
It contains challenges that reward cosmetics for Battle Royale and an event questline in Save the World, along with the Hexsylvania zone.
Call of DutyEvent: The Haunting
Times: Begins October 17
Updates: Website Twitter
Zombies swarm to players who become infected and turn into Haunting-themed zombies.
Fall GuysEvent: Fall-o-Ween Challenge
Times: Unannounced (formerly 21 October 2021 to 1 November 2021)
Updates: Website Twitter
Get cool rewards while completing difficult challenges.
Rocket LeagueEvent: Haunted Hallows VII
Times: October 18 – November 1st
Updates: Website Twitter
Celebrate the season of Halloween and collect candy corn at the end of every online match. Then, redeem your candy to grab special Halloween-themed rewards! You can also collect and open new randomly dropped event crates full of exclusive content.
Dreamlight ValleyEvent: Haunted Holiday Star Path
Times: September 13th to November 1st, 2023
Updates: Website Twitter
Players must complete duties to earn The Nightmare Before Christmas Lollipop Tokens, which can be exchanged for prizes.
Animal CrossingEvent: Halloween Event
Times: 5 PM until midnight local time on 31st October
Updates: Website Twitter
Trade your candy and lollipops with Jack in order to receive unique and exclusive Halloween-themed items such as a replica of Jack’s costume, a spooky wand, and a spooky carriage.
Grand Theft Auto V OnlineEvent: GTA Online Halloween 2023
Times: October 26 – November 1st
Updates: Website Twitter
Halloween season enters its penultimate week as waves of eerie incentives continue in GTA Online. Make space in your wardrobe for a set of gruesome new masks, as there’s no better way to signal the oncoming tide of mischief than by dressing in costume.
Pokémon GoEvent: Pokémon GO Halloween 2023 Event
Times: Unannounced (formerly October 20, at 10:00 a.m. to Thursday, October 27, 2022)
Updates: Website Twitter
Apex LegendsEvent: Fight or Fright
Times: October 4th to November 1st, 2023
Updates: Website Twitter
Shadow Royale debuts on Olympus After Dark, with limited-time modes rotating each week and spooky Halloween skins.
WarframeEvent: Nights of Naberus
Times: Begins October 4th at 11 a.m. ET
Updates: Website Twitter
This year introduces several new items to earn with your Mother Tokens, including a Gammacor Day of the Dead skin and so much more!
MinecraftEvent: Spookyfest
Times: October 13–November 2)
Updates: Website Twitter
Slowly but surely, the scorching rays of sun are becoming milder, and I can finally go outside without hissing involuntarily. Ironically, it’s also the season when hissing would be the most socially acceptable – because Halloween is almost here!
RobloxEvent: BLOXtober
Times: Available year-round
Updates: Website Twitter
Choose from a list of awesome community-made minigames.
Destiny 2Event: Festival of the Lost
Times: October 18 to November 8, 2023
Updates: Website Twitter
Festival of the Lost is a limited-time live event in Destiny 2 where Guardians laugh in the face of death and wear masks as they fight back against the encroaching darkness.
Dead by DaylightEvent: Haunted by Daylight
Times: Begins October 18, 2023
Updates: Website Twitter
Haunted by Daylight adds a unique twist to Dead by Daylight for Halloween and allows players to earn some time-limited cosmetics.
NeverwinterEvent: The Masquerade of Liars
Times: Unannounced (formerly October 21 to November 4, 2022)
Updates: Website Twitter
Come to Protector’s Enclave and hunt for Liar’s Charms to trade with wandering illusionists for Masquerade Tokens used in the Event Store. Liar’s Charms will also drop randomly from defeating monsters near you in level.
World of WarcraftEvent: Harvest Festival Holiday
Times: September 25–October 2, 2023
Updates: Website Twitter
Small feast tables have been set up outside of Orgrimmar and Ironforge from which players can sample various harvest foods, and a nearby questgiver presents the task of honoring a fallen hero.
Final Fantasy VII: Ever CrisisEvent: Pumpkin Fest Event
Times: October 20 – November 3
Updates: Website Twitter
Pumpkin Fest: Where Darkness Gathers On Now!
Collect exchangeable items to acquire limited-time weapon Chocobo Staff (Aerith) and Aerith-Exclusive Gear, Chocobo Suit!
Guild Wars 2Event: Shadow of the Mad King 2023
Times: October 17 through November 7, 2023
Updates: Website Twitter
Shadow of the Mad King, our annual Halloween festival, returns with ghoulish capers, spooky fights, and holiday fun! Gather together with the citizens of Lion’s Arch to enjoy another year of tricks, treats, and terrible jokes.
Hitman: World of AssassinationEvent: A Nightmare in Hawkes Bay
Times: October 26 through ???, 2023
Updates: Website Twitter
This event features the Hawke’s Bay location originally included in Hitman 2, along with a chance to earn a Bat Shuriken and Tactical Wetsuit.
Wild RiftEvent: Dream Thief on the Loose!
Time: Limited Time!
Updates: Website Twitter
The Dream Thief Thresh is back! For a limited time to ruin players memories for the 3rd anniversary.
Splatoon 3Event: Splatoween 2023
Times: October 27 at 5 PM PT through October 29 at 5 PM PT
Updates: Website Twitter
Splatoon 3 is entering a spooky season with a host of great rewards for competing.
Layers of FearEvent: New Chapter Release
Times: October 24, 2023
Updates: Website Twitter
Bloober Team is releasing a new free chapter based on their hit title, Layers of Fear.
RiftEvent: October Brilliance – Weekend Boost
Times: October 6 through October 30
Updates: Website Twitter
Hello there, Ascended of Telara!
The month of October can be quite spooky for some, but we have some amazing weekend boosts lined up for you to shed some light on the darkness!
New WorldEvent: Nightveil Hallow 2023
Times: October 18 through November 14
Updates: Website Twitter
Banish the shadowy demon back to the darkness, don unique costumes, and trick-or-treat for new candy rewards. You can also purchase new and returning event-specific items in the Event Shop.
TroveEvent: Shadow’s Eve 2023
Times: October 17 through October 31
Updates: Website Twitter
Find Wolfsly in the Hub and advance through a brand-new questline, conquer headless foes, and claim the Pumpkin Effigy. Explore Pumpkin Patch Dungeons & Collections and confront the Pumpkin Knight and Prince of the Patch for exclusive loot.
Red Dead Redemption IIEvent: Red Dead Online Halloween
Times: October 3 through November 6
Updates: Website Twitter
Halloween Week arrives in Red Dead Online and brings a tinge of terror to the Wild West.
Earn Double Rewards in the seasonal All Hallows’ Call to Arms and Dead of Night modes.
Plus, The Halloween Pass 2 is now available, packed with rewards, gruesome masks, clothing, and more.
Lost ArkEvent: Monster Bash
Times: Begins October 14th
Updates: Website Twitter
With October comes the new continent of Pleccia (and its secret past), the return of Calilgos and his wrath of lightning, an additional Event Guardian Raid and new spooky skins arriving just in time for Halloween.
Fallout 76Event: Spooky Scorched Event
Times: October 24 to November 7
Updates: Website Twitter
Pumpkins and costumes and candy… Oh my! It’s that time of year again! Scorched enemies have adorned their favorite creepy costumes and spread-out all over Appalachia in search of sweets! Defeat these frightful beings and loot their Mysterious Candy (and Legendary items) for yourself!
We’ll actively update the chart once more announcements are made.

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