10 Best Cozy Witch Games for Halloween

Put on your witch hats and hop on those broomsticks.

Image by Gamepur

As the leaves turn golden and the air gets crisp, there’s no better time to cozy up with a cup of hot cider and immerse yourself in the magical world of witches. These enchanting witch-themed games are tailor-made if you’ve ever dreamed of soaring on a magic broom and concocting potions in a cozy wooden cabin. With some hocus-pocus, I’ve prepared a list of the best cozy games about witches that will transport you to mystical realms filled with whimsy, magic, and delightful surprises.


Image by Voracious Games

Inheriting her now-dead uncle’s struggling potion shop, Sylvia tries to save it from ruin. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but this game asks you to do much more than shopkeeping. Potionomics is about forging bonds with fellow shopkeepers, unraveling the world’s mystical secrets, and uncovering the truth behind Sylvia’s uncle’s mysterious demise.

Why You Should Play It: It’s a perfect blend of deck-building, shop simulation, and narrative magic.


Image by Alientrap
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

In Wytchwood, you step into the pointed shoes of a whimsical witch residing in a mystical forest. Here, you’ll do what good-aligned witches do best: gather ingredients and craft powerful potions to aid the forest’s inhabitants.

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Why You Should Play It: Wytchwood hides a bounty of surprises behind its charming art style.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

Image by Deconstructeam
  • Platform: PC, Nintendo

In this witchy game, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, you get to control an exiled witch, crafting her tarot deck and performing divinations for fellow witches. Behind the non-mundane witch life, you get to explore identity, community, and personal responsibility in a beautifully handcrafted universe.

Why You Should Play It: The custom tarot cards make for a truly unique and replayable experience in which you shape the world around you. 


Image by Chucklefish
  • Platform: PC

Enroll at a school for witches in Witchbrook. Attend classes, master spells, and explore the enchanting school grounds. Though still in development, this game holds immense potential for crafting your magical tale.

Why You Should Play It: Create your one-of-a-kind witch with a generous dose of customization.

Little Witch In The Woods

  • Platform: PC

Become a young witch in Little Witch in the Woods, tasked with helping a quaint town. Collect ingredients, brew potions, and complete quests in this heartwarming adventure featuring a cute and colorful art style.

Why You Should Play It: This game exudes charm and warmth, perfect for a cozy night.

Spellcaster University

Image by Sneaky Yak Studio
  • Platform: PC

Spellcaster University invites you to experience the life of a magical student. Attend classes, learn spells, and engage in duels with fellow students. It’s got a bit of more challenging gameplay and endless experimentation opportunities that will surely cast a spell on you.

Why You Should Play It: Diverges from the witchy game norm with building and management options.

Flying Neko Delivery

Image by Fractal Phase
  • Platform: PC, Nintendo

If I could become a witch, the first thing I’d do is jump on a broom. In Flying Neko Delivery, you take to the skies like a witch delivering packages on a flying cat. The game’s relaxing and charming atmosphere will enchant you when you take flight.

Why You Should Play It:  This game is your go-to if you need a mood-lifter.

Sun Haven

Image by Pixel Sprout Studios
  • Platform: PC

In Sun Haven, your witchy duties involve rebuilding a village from the ground up. Gather resources craft items, and lend a helping hand to the villagers in this beautiful and relaxing world brimming with creative opportunities.

Why You Should Play It: A very inclusive, welcoming game about building a coven community.

A Garden Witch’s Life

Image by Freetime Studio
  • Platform: PC

Tend to a magical garden in A Garden Witch’s Life. Grow plants, brew potions, and embark on quests in a calming and soothing atmosphere. It’s just a blank canvas for creativity.

Why You Should Play It:  A tranquil and snug gaming experience with a soothing soundtrack.

Tiny Witch

Image by Creative Hand
  • Platform: PC

Dare to be tiny in Tiny Witch as you explore a perilous forest. Gather ingredients, brew potions, and tackle quests in this challenging and rewarding adventure bursting with secrets to uncover.

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Why You Should Play It: It offers an enticing blend of challenge and reward that will keep you hooked for countless hours.