How to find the Hidden Painting in High Caves | Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro Reignited Trilogy has finally arrived and there is a bunch of challenges that you can complete to unlock extra lives, concept art to check out, or special end-game content.

These challenges unlock skill points, with there being 50 in total shared between the three games. Spyro 1 has arguably some of the hardest challenges around, which is what we are here to discuss today.

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There is a Hidden Painting located somewhere in the Stone Hills level that, while sounding hard on paper is actually easy to obtain once you know where to look.

Spyro High Caves Hidden Painting

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After progressing through the level normally, you’ll come across two large moving platforms that you need to jump towards. (See video above for reference)

Hidden Painting Location in High Caves

After passing through this small area, you’ll come to a cramp room with two small pools and an exit. Normally, you#’d walk through the exit but take a time to look at the walls of the room. Just by where you entered, the painting will be just behind you, barely out of reach.

Just jump onto the platform and then jump high into the air to get the painting with your dragon breath and complete the skill point quest.

Image via Toys for Bob