Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Ascensionist Silent Assassin guide

Don’t let her get away with it again, 47.


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The Ascensionist is an Elusive Target Contract set in Dubai in Hitman 3. The target is a con artist who has killed one too many marks, with the last one activating a kill switch that triggered a Contract for Agent 47 to end her reign of terror. In this guide, we’ll cover how to complete this Elusive Target with a rank of Silent Assassin.

Elusive Target warning

Before we start, it’s important to remember that you only have one chance to attempt an Elusive Target Contract. Once you begin completing objectives, which means killing the target, you can’t restart if you lose your Silent Assassin rank. We recommend following our route a few times without killing the target. Then, when you’re comfortable with the route and know where the potential danger points are, follow it and complete it with the kill.


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There’s no need for anything fancy in this loadout. We’ve opted for the most basic starting location of the atrium lobby. You’ll need a coin and the fiber wire, and that’s all. The suit we’ve gone for here is The Odium Suit from The Envy Contention Escalation.

Step 1: Become a waiter

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We’re going to drown the target in this mission, but to do that, we need to clear out the bathroom, which has some added NPCs in to make life difficult for us. After being frisked, which is why it’s important not to bring a pistol, you can run up the stairs and turn left. Run to the Black Gold bar, get to the side of it, where there’s a route through to the door inside it, and wait. You need to hold off until the waitress begins cleaning the cabinets below the bar before you can run through the door to the left, just inside the bar.

Run around this area and subdue the waiter that you’ll find. Take his disguise and then hide his body in the locker in this room. Next, pick up the emetic rat poison in this room. It’s on the shelving opposite the locker.

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Below is a map reference for this rat poison.

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Step 2: Poison the target

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Now you need to get into the restricted area of the bar. Come back out into the Black Gold bar the way you entered. The restricted area is to your right, guarded by a waiter and a security guard. Use a coin to distract the waiter because he’ll see through your disguise if you don’t, and head inside.

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There’s a cup of tea on one of the tables. This is the drink that you need to poison to get the target to the bathroom. Once you’ve done this, use the coin flip again to exit the restricted area. The poison is all set up, and all you have to do is wait for the target to go to the bathroom so you can drown her. It’s marginally safer to go back behind the bar and change back into your starting suit due to the increased number of enforcers in the area, but you don’t have to change back if you don’t want to.

Step 3: The kill

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The bathroom has additional NPCs in it, so we need to clear it out. Go into the stall on the right, sneak around the woman, and trigger the toilet to malfunction. Get out as soon as you can and go into the second stall. A waiter will go into the toilet to investigate the first stall, and when they do, you need to cause a malfunction in the second stall. This causes the second waiter to come into your stall. When they do, close the door, subdue them, and hide their body in the wardrobe.

The target will then come inside and go into the stall with the woman in. When she does, go inside and subdue the woman. That leaves you free to drown the target.

Step 4: Exit

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All you need to do to exit the mission is hide the female NPC’s body. To do this, drag it behind the door so that it’s out of sight from any NPCs that might look into the stall. No one will go into that stall once you leave, so you can then exit and know that you’re safe.