Hitman 3 Hokkaido Snow Festival Silent Assassin guide

Let them focus on the festivities, 47.


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Hokkaido Snow Festival is a new permanent event added to Hitman 3 as part of the game’s winter season. It’s a returning event from Hitman 2 but provides all the advantages and upgrades to technology seen in Hitman 3. This guide explains how to complete the primary mission in the event with a rank of Silent Assassin.


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The loadout for this mission is extremely restricted because the security has been tightened up for the Snow Festival. The starting location we recommend is the restaurant, and while you can bring any suit, the Polar Survival Suit looks quite good in Hokkaido.

Step 1: Arm yourself

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From your starting location in the restaurant, head to the central garden area. Your target will be milling about here for a while at the start of the mission, giving you plenty of time to kill him. Next, make your way to the bridge and pick up an icicle, which is the weapon you’ll be using to kill the target.

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After that, you need to locate one of the piles of snow on the ground and make a snowball. Of course, you only need one, but you have time to gather a few, and a backup snowball has never been a bad idea.

Step 2: Subdue the guard and kill your target

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You can walk to the top of the garden where your target and his guard will stay for a short while before moving on. Wait until the gardener to your left has walked down the slope, then throw the snowball at the guard and the icicle at your target. No one will see the guard’s body, but you need to dump the target’s body over the ledge.

Once the body has been dumped, run as fast as possible to the nearest exit. As long as you’re quick, no one will spot the subdued guard, and you’ll exit the mission with a rank of Silent Assassin. This will also unlock the Snow Festival Suit for your inventory.