How to unlock the Snow Festival Suit in Hitman 3

Put on a warm coat, 47, you’ll need it.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Snow Festival Suit is a new outfit that Agent 47 can wear on any mission you choose. It looks like a colossal coat he probably stole to use as a disguise but kept because he liked it so much. However, you can’t use this outfit until you unlock it from the Hokkaido Snow Festival event. This guide explains how to unlock the suit so you can start using it throughout all Hitman 3 missions.

Complete Blood on the Snow

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To unlock the Snow Festival Suit, you need to complete the primary mission of the Hokkaido Snow Festival. The easiest way to do this is to start the mission in the restaurant, run out into the nearby garden, where the target will be starting their route around the facility, and kill them with an icicle from the bridge. You can pick these up from a few points on the bridge, and once you have one, you only need to knock out the target’s guard when he reaches the top of the garden to then kill him and escape. 

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll be rewarded with the Snow Festival Suit once the mission is complete. So there’s no need to complete it with a rank of Silent Assassin unless you want some additional experience points.