Hitman 3 Silent Assassin Suit Only guide for Dubai

No one can see you looking this good on top of the world.


Silent Assassin is one of the hardest challenges to complete in any Hitman game. Some locations in Hitman 3, such as Dartmoor, have a relatively easy path, making it slightly more achievable. In this guide, we’ll be covering a much harder Silent Assassin challenge, that of Dubai, as well as the Suit Only challenge.

Your loadout


The loadout you need to complete Silent Assassin isn’t overly complicated, but there are three particular items that Agent 47 must be equipped with. He must have a silenced pistol, the coins, and his fiber wire. The starting location is the atrium.

Step 1 – Kill Marcus Stuyvesant

Your first target is the easiest, Marcus Stuyvesant. You’ll need to be running as much as possible to get where you’re going in time. Run up the stairs and go left until you reach the Black Gold Bar.


The blue curtains to the left of the bar hide another staircase. You need to run up there, turn right, and run all the way to the doors at the end of that corridor. Don’t go through them yet, though.

Just to the right-hand side of these doors, drop your silenced pistol. Don’t worry. You’ll pick another one up in just a second. The reason you’re doing this is to distract your target’s bodyguard. Marcus will tell his bodyguard to dispose of the weapon, but he’ll continue along his path without them. That’s when we’ll be striking.


Below is a map reference for these doors.


Go through the doors, close them behind you, and lean against the wall to your right. There’s a guard in here who is about to walk past your position. If he sees you, you’ll fail the Silent Assassin challenge. Wait up against the wall until he’s about to pass by your position. Then hammer the attack button and subdue him.


Pick up the weapon the guard drops, it’s a silenced pistol, and drag his body along the corridor to the locker where you can hide him.


Now comes the tricky part. Head back to the doors you came through, and hide just around the corner, next to the elevator doors. Use instinct to keep an eye on what your target is doing. Within moments he should come through the door alone and walk down the corridor towards the locker you just stashed a body in. Close the doors behind him and use the fiber wire to take him out as he approaches the locker. You don’t need to drag him as far to hide him if you let him walk most of the way.


Step 2 – Get to the penthouse

With Marcus out of the way, you can take things a bit slower. You still need to be stealthy, though. Walk back the way you came, but now head for the doors on the left, beyond the elevator doors. Two guards outside the doors will meet up every 30 seconds or so for a chat. Wait until they split up before opening the doors and climbing the stairs.


Below is a map reference for these stairs.


There will be two technicians working on various pieces of equipment at the top of the stairs. Their patrol takes them from their equipment to the far side of the room, where they have a short chat before going back to their business. You need to use the equipment as cover to sneak around the left-hand side of this area. Only do this when the technicians are working on the equipment. Otherwise, you’ll be seen.


There’s a blue tarp over some railing in the left corner here. Vault over it and onto the platform.


Now you need to shimmy along until you reach the first platform. If you look over the balcony here, you can see a guard just starting a phone call.


Wait until he looks away to the right before vaulting over the balcony. You need to subdue him as quickly as possible, or he’ll spot you. Dump his body back over the balcony and onto the platform. He’ll only die if you miss, and he drops all the way down to the floor. Now pick up the penthouse keycard that this guard dropped.


At this point, we need to get down the corridor to the left, all the way to the penthouse access door. There’s a guard in this corridor with a patrol that moves him from in front of the stairs over to a water cooler. While he’s staring at the water cooler, you can sneak past him. The better method for getting past him is to toss a coin on the stairs behind him while he is stationed there. You can then make it all the way down the corridor without being seen.


Once you’re past him, use the silenced pistol you picked up earlier to shoot out the camera in this corridor. We’ll be coming back this way, and it’s easier to do it now before it spots you.


Now make your way to the penthouse access door, use the keycard, and go all the way up the stairs. You’ll go through a door at the top, and then you need to go through a second door on your left.

Step 3 – Kill Carl Ingram

There will be one NPC in the room already. Take them out and hide them in the freezer nearby. Then go back to pick up the rat poison.


Now you need to open the door to your left to trigger a conversation between the chef and a guard. It’s a long one, so watch both NPCs move around through instinct. No one else will be coming into this room for the time being.


The guard will move away after drinking some water. The chef will move away to prepare some food on the island in the middle of the kitchen. As soon as he walks away to get a drink of water or do some cooking, sneak in and prepare the meal on the island.


The chef will turn around after whichever action he is performing. As soon as the food is prepped, move around the corner of the island so you won’t be spotted. The chef will now move to another activity where he can’t see you. This is when you need to poison the food that you’ve just prepared.


The second the poison is in, move to the island’s corner and lean up against it. You need to press the bell on the island that will summon Ingram to eat his meal.


Once that’s done, get back through the door you entered the kitchen from. Your target will be coming through this room, so hide in the bathroom until he does. He will walk through and wait to be seated with two bodyguards. As soon as they’ve all walked through the room, you need to leave the bathroom and hide behind the boxes facing the kitchen door.

One of the guards will walk back through. Take him down as you did the first guard in this guide. Then hide his body in the freezer.


Now move to the other boxes in this room and position yourself behind them. You’re waiting for your target to be poisoned so that he walks through here to be sick.


Wait for the target to walk through, and then for his last bodyguard to walk through as well. You need to subdue the bodyguard before he enters the bathroom. Then you can head inside and drown your target.


There’s no reason any other NPCs will walk through here, but we like to hide the bodies in the bathroom just to be safe.

Step 4 – Exit strategies

The easy way to leave the mission is to retrace your steps and return the way you came. You’ll have to wait for the guard in the corridor to look at the water cooler, but you’ll be able to escape with relative ease.

If you fancy a slightly faster exit, follow our alternative.

Head down the stairs that lead to the penthouse and back to the corridor with this guard. Wait for him to move away from the stairs and run towards them. As you go down the first flight, keep an eye out for the camera on the wall here. Use your silenced pistol to shoot it.


Walk down the second flight of stairs and out of doors. Use instinct to make sure there isn’t a guard on the other side. Once you’re past them, you need to go through the doors to your right, and you’ll be back in the atrium. Now you can take a casual stroll down to the main entrance and leave like you were never there.