Hitman – How to Find the Car Key in Landslide

There’s nothing worse in Hitman than realizing you haven’t made any plans for a getaway. This happened to me recently when I finally killed Marco Abiatti, only to discover that two of the three available exits required keys that I didn’t have. This is what inspired me to write about where to find the Car Key in the Landslide mission of Hitman.

Car Key Location

HItman Landslide Car Key Location

The Car Key is located on the opposite side of the town from where you spawn in. You’ll need Rat Poison or Emetic Poison to get it.

Hitman Landslide Car Key Found

After spawning in, head northeast, going up the main path to near where the main gate to the mansion is. Go to where the bathrooms are to find a vendor that sells food and wine products. The vendor will be having a discussion with a waitress, and when it’s over, you can steal the Car Key.

Hitman Landslide Where is Car Key

Once the waitress leaves, the vendor will turn around and mess about in the middle of his station. Don’t go in just yet, waiting instead until the moment that he starts moving to the east side of his store. Quickly poison his water bottle with either Rat Poison or Emetic Poison, and then exit the area before he turns.

Hitman Landslide How to Get Car Key

Head into the bathroom area and wait. Having ingested the poison, the vendor will come in to throw up. Shut the door so the two of you are alone and subdue him as he pukes. Stuff his body into the nearby container, grab the Car Key, and then go about killing Marco Abiatti.

Once Marco Abiatti is good and murdered, you can locate the Car exit on the far east side of the map. Nobody will pester you about leaving that way, so just walk up, unlock it with the Car Key, and leave. That is, unless of course you need to leave via the beach area, in which case you’ll want to know the location of the Speedboat Key in Landslide.