Is Roots of Pacha on The Switch Worth It

Roots of Pacha is back and better than ever thanks to its fantastic Nintendo Switch port. This is the perfect way to explore the Stone Age.

Roots of Pacha Nintendo Switch Release

Image via Soda Den

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Roots of Pacha, a Stone Age farming simulation game by Soda Den, has had fans inventing the wheel since April 2023, and now they can play it on the Nintendo Switch. With controls designed for PC, many may be wondering if it’s worth buying on Switch.

Gamepur has had the chance to look at Roots of the Pacha’s Switch edition ahead of release, and the results are promising – as we’ve found that the game is even better in portable format. This is good news for cozy fans who like the option to play on the go.

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Should You Buy Roots of Pacha For The Switch

Roots of Pacha Switch Release
Image via Soda Den

Yes, Roots of Pacha is worth buying on the Nintendo Switch. The controls feel as if they were made for the handheld console, offering an even more intuitive experience than the original release provided.

Roots of Pacha was a fantastic game when it launched on PC via Steam in April 2023. The progression and storyline are satisfying, and the Stone Age setting provides a different perspective compared to other cozy titles that have been released this year. As we explored in the Gamepur review of Roots of Pacha, the game is a delight, and those who purchase it a second time for Switch won’t be disappointed with the game’s overall playability as a port.

When Does Roots of Pacha Release on Nintendo Switch

Roots of Pacha will be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 28, 2023. According to the Nintendo Store page, it will cost $24.99 USD.

Thanks to its pixel-style artwork, Nintendo Switch fans won’t need to worry about the download size. We can confirm that the Roots of Pacha Switch download isn’t quite a gig, sitting at 990 MB. This is perfect for players who have a limited amount of space to allocate to new adventures.

How Are The Controls For Roots of Pacha on The Nintendo Switch

The controls for Roots of Pacha on the Nintendo Switch are excellent. Players will find that toggling between farming tools, seed bags, or hotbar items is easier than the PC thanks to the intuitive bumper controls.

Players will also notice that toggling between maps and quest items is a breeze thanks to these improved controls. This makes gifting a romance candidate or finishing a Jungle Prophecy as simple as a few quick button taps. The port does a great job of providing a polished experience that I found missing in the original PC release.