Hitman World of Assassination Elusive Target – The Forger Silent Assassin Suit Only Guide

Time to put an end to this fake, 47.


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The Forger was the first Elusive Target ever to be released in the Hitman Reboot Trilogy. Since then, this mission has retained its complexity and is still hard as nails to complete with the best rank possible. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you get a Silent Assassin Suit Only run in The Forger in Hitman World of Assassination.

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Elusive Target warning

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The Forger is the Elusive Target that sets the standard for difficulty in Hitman World of Assassination. As with all missions of this ilk, you have one chance to get it right. You can run through the mission, subdue the target, and restart to try it all again. However, once you’ve killed the target, there are no restarts. Because of this, we recommend following our guide through a few times without killing The Forger before you take the mission on for real. We will add that it’s possible to quit the game if you make a mistake once you have killed the target. This should reset your progress, but we still recommend getting some practice in.


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The loadout we recommend bringing on this mission is a concealed silenced pistol of some sort, a distraction item, and a snazzy suit. As you can see, we’ve opted for the Tactical Gear with Hat because it is the height of fashion. Our weapon is The Ducky Gun, and we’ve opted for the Greedy Little Coin as our distraction, though any item will suffice. Start the mission from The Red Carpet starting location so you can show your suit off to all the paparazzi.

The Forger Silent Assassin Suit Only walkthrough

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From your starting location, run inside the building ahead of you and follow the red carpet almost all the way to the show. Turn right and go through the large doors as if you were heading to the bar, but take the second right to find the bathroom. There’s an invitation on the counter in there that you need to pick up. See below for a map reference for the bathroom.

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From here, head back into the corridor and to the bar’s outdoor terrace. Head down the steps and left, back towards the building to the entrance just around the corner. There are two guards here that you’ll need to show the invitation to before they’ll let you pass. See below for a map reference for these guards.

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Pass the guards, turn right, and you’ll see another pair of guards at the bottom of the staircase. You need to show them your invitation before you can also get past them. This seems to be a bug because you didn’t need to show your invitation twice in previous updates, but now that change seems to have been reverted.

Head up the stairs and then find the second staircase. The guards at the bottom of that one will need to frisk you, which is why it’s important every item in your loadout is concealable. After a quick frisking, head up these stairs and go through the door on the left behind the staff that greets you as you climb. This will lead you to the attic, where you can lie in wait for The Forger.

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You need to move into the attic a little and wait for The Forger to come through here. He has a guard, so you must be careful about your approach. We recommend staying at the position in the image below because it’s behind a few objects, so well hidden, but allows you the view to flip a coin into a decent spot.

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Now watch until The Forger enters. As he does, wait for him to move towards the door to your right a little, then flip the coin. This will distract him and draw him over to it. While he does that, sneak around to the right and subdue his guard.

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The Forger may or may not notice you take out his guard. Either way, you should have time to pull out your gun and kill him before he can alert anyone else.

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Once The Forger is dead, drag both bodies to the box in this room so they’re hidden. Then, return the way you came all the way back to the starting position. Use the exit there, and claim the most experience possible from this Elusive Target.