Hitman World of Assassination Elusive Target – The Serial Killer Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

Don’t let him grade another soul, 47.


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The Serial Killer is an Elusive Target first introduced in Hitman 2 but is now part of Hitman World of Assassination. The location of Whittleton Creek makes this one of the most outstanding Elusive Targets in the entire game. This guide explains how to complete The Serial Killer Year Two with a rank of Silent Assassin, Suit Only.

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Elusive Target warning

As with all Elusive Target missions, you only get one chance to attempt this. Once you start, if you quit or fail, you’ll be locked out of the mission until it comes back to Hitman 3 in the future. We recommend following our route a couple of times without killing the target before taking it on for real and going for the kill. While you can quit the game if you get spotted to avoid losing your Silent Assassin, Suit Only rating, we recommend following our guide anyway to avoid potentially getting this Elusive Target wrong.


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You don’t need anything special for this route, just a distraction, so pick your favorite equipment and bring it. We’ve opted for The Yellow Rabbit Suit and the ICA 19 Goldballer. The one item you definitely must have in your inventory is a distraction like the Coin, but you can pick this up in the mission if you’d rather bring something silly.

Step 1: Find The Serial Killer

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The target is referred to as The Censor, so your first job is to find them. If you listen to the mission briefing, you’ll know that the target likes to judge and grade those he kills. There’s a couple near the starting location for Whittleton Creek who you can eavesdrop on to learn about one such person acting this way at a part in one of the houses. You can use this information and track down the target yourself if you’d like. If not, head to the Wilson Property. See below for a map reference.

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Your target will be at this party for a good chunk of time at the start of the mission, so run here quickly to catch him. He moves around between the garden and kitchen, but you can usually find him drinking at the counter in the kitchen. He’s wearing a blue shirt and glasses and likes to degrade people.

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Step 2: Distract and kill The Serial Killer

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The target will walk from the garden to the kitchen, then into the living room to watch TV. After that, he’ll walk back outside and repeat the patrol. There’s a door opposite the kitchen that leads to the bathroom. Head inside and wait for The Serial Killer to walk past it on his way to the garden. Flip a coin at the right moment to draw him in. Then, when you’ve closed the door, you can kill him.

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Hide the target’s body in the wardrobe in the bathroom and then make your way to an exit. No one will discover him, so you can pick any exit you want. When you finish the mission, you’ll see that you completed The Serial Killer with a rank of Silent Assassin, Suit Only.