Honkai: Star Rail — How to Farm Story Bosses

Destroy the bosses again.

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Like any RPG worth its salt, Honkai: Star Rail lets you farm almost everything, whether it’s an enemy, a type of loot, and even big story bosses. However, getting to the boss farming in HSR will take a while, as there are only a few enemies worthy of being called a capstone challenge. The reward for defeating these bosses again is worth the effort and required if you want to max out your characters. Here’s how to farm story bosses in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Honkai: Star Rail – How to Unlock Echo of War And Farm Story Bosses

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Before you can fight story bosses again in Honkai: Star Rail, you need to unlock a new activity type called the Echo of War. Don’t expect to gain access to this endgame activity for at least a few dozen hours, as you need to reach at least Trailblaze Level 25 and complete essentially the entire story on Jurilo-VI.

After the fight with Cocolia, a quest called In the Dangerous Muddy Swamp will begin. Welt Yang will eventually send a series of text messages about a “high-frequency spacial energy surge.” This surge is the appearance of the Echo of War dimensional rifts through which specific story bosses can be fought.

At first, only the Doomsday Beast from the Space Station and Cocolio from Jurilo-VI will be available, but more bosses unlock as you progress through Honkai: Star Rail story. For defeating these bosses, you receive several high and moderate-rarity Relics and, more importantly, advanced level-up materials for specific character Traces, one of the many progression systems characters use.

You can attempt Echo of War fights only three times a week, and they begin at level 38. If you’re expecting the same encounter as the original, think again. The Doomsday Beast was far more difficult for us, as the vast increase in its health bar and damage output made a relatively simple fight a serious challenge. Expect to spend 40 of your 180 daily Trailblaze Energy for each attempt, so farming story bosses in HSR is best done when you need new Relics and not experience or other upgrade items.