Honkai: Star Rail – Who is the Thief in the Old Foreman’s Treasure Companion Quest?

To catch a thief.

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One of the many sidequests in Honkai: Star Rail, the Old Foreman’s Treasure becomes available in the latter parts of your time on Jarilo-VI. You accompany the young girl Hook as she looks to help her father deal with some ne’erdowells, then solve a mystery of a missing family treasure. A light detective minigame with some combat elements thrown in, the core question at the heart of the quest is, who is the thief that stole Fersman’s vein analyzer?

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The Thief in the Old Foreman’s Treasure Companion Quest

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When the time comes to find the thief in the Old Foreman’s Treasure quest, you’ll be presented with four choices: a cook, a helper, a tailor, and a merchant. You’ll need to talk to each, then deduce the culprit. After speaking to all four, you’re presented with the following conundrum:

  • The cook says the helper did it, having seen the helper leave Fersman’s tent with a box.
  • The tailor says she didn’t do it, as she was too spaced out to notice much of anything.
  • The helper is distraught, claiming he didn’t do it but presenting very little to deflect suspicion.
  • The merchant, after a “fee,” says the cook did it.

All of them are shifty in their own way, but the correct answer is the cook. He is a bit too calm, a bit too quick to cast blame, and presents himself as the most upstanding out of a population that seems to be anything but.

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Once you pin the cook as the thief, he’ll run to Sampo, where you’ll catch him trying to offload the goods. A fight will ensue when you try to get the analyzer back, but the cook is no boss, just a regular vagrant mook with two small robot buddies.

With the thief taken care of, head back to Natasha’s clinic to finish the quest.