Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC – How to Complete Heaven and Earth

Stumble upon something sinister while searching for lost Quen.


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Heaven and Earth is the second main quest in Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores DLC. It’ll take you deep into the new region to uncover the motives behind the new main antagonist. This guide outlines how to complete the Heaven and Earth quest, the door code, and how to use the ballistas to progress when the path forward is blocked.

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Heaven and Earth Quest Walkthrough

We’ve explained how to complete the Heaven and Earth quest in easy-to-digest steps below. Read through at your own pace, or scroll down until you find the place you’ve gotten stuck if you just need a little hint to help you progress.

Step 1: Climb the Cliffs

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When you start Heaven and Earth quest, you’ll fly Aloy and Seyka to a beach where it looks like some of the missing Quen have been. There’s also a bit of Brimshine under a nearby bridge. Use our Brimshine location guide to find the exact location. You need to look around and examine a few objects before you get a new objective to climb the hill and follow their tracks.

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Once you’re at the top of the hill, you’ll find a construction yard of sorts with ladders pocketing the walls of the cliffs. However, these ladders are spaced too far apart for you to use. This is where you need to use the ballista to place new climbing anchors in the walls between the ladders. You’ll only need to place two with the first ballista—one between the ladders at the bottom of the cliffs and one between those at the top.

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Once you’ve climbed those ladders, you’ll find another path with a useless ladder on it. This time, you need to get Seyka to use the elevator to haul up another ballista. Then, get Aloy to place a new climbing point so the pair can move into the base here.

Step 2: Explore the Ruin

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Climb the ladder and pry open the door to get inside this old-world ruin. You’ll find Datapoints, resources, and a huge rocket engine that, thankfully, never worked. This object would irradiate the Earth for a thousand miles if it were turned on, which begs the question of why your Zenith foe was here in the first place.

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Keep exploring, and you’ll eventually come to a chasm where your ruin has been split in two by tectonic activity. There’s lava everywhere, and some machines have managed to get inside. Seyka will use the nearby ballista to create a point for Aloy to jump across, but this is when you’ll be ambushed by Clamberjaws. Seyka’s a pretty good shot and will help you out in the fight.

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Now Seyka will need a way to climb up. Use the ballista above you to create new paths for her. Once she’s climbed halfway, more Clamberjaws will appear, and now you need to use the ballista to support Seyka as she supported you. When you’ve killed them all, create a couple more climbing points on the right-hand side of the chasm so Seyka can climb all the way and you can follow.

Step 3: Open the Door and Uncover the Truth

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Take your time as you explore from this point because there are some interesting story beats to pick up on from Datapoints. You can also find the legendary Blastsling Skyhammer in a chest if you explore every chamber thoroughly. This is a mighty weapon that we suggest you equip immediately.

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At the heart of this ruin is a chamber with a colossal projector. It shows Earth above and the rest of the solar system, including Pluto, below. There’s also a locked door in this room that requires a code. You need to scan through the logs in the projections to find the correct numbers for the code. We’ve outlined what the code is and how you work it out below.

What is the Heaven and Earth Door Code?

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The door code in the Heaven and Earth quest in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC is 3285. To work this out, you need to listen to all four recordings that Seyka finds and link them to the correct years in the holographic projection. You then take each year in order of when they appear in Seyka’s audio logs and find the asteroid entry for it. This will give you two numbers, and you need to determine which is the most significant. We’ve listed the years and have explained the numbers below. 

  • 20503 is the mission number.
  • 20542 is the number of millions of tons of Platinum the asteroid holds.
  • 20618 is the number of miners who died.
  • 20565 is the number of years it will take to strip the asteroid of Cobalt.
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Inside this room, you’ll get the next story beat that explains how your Zenith enemy used Quen to dig into the ruin to get the rocket engine designs he needed. There’s also a Killzone easter egg for anyone with a sharp eye for nostalgia.

Step 4: Fight Your Way Out

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As you leave the ruin, you’ll find a tower broadcasting a signal to somewhere else in the region. Aloy and Seyka need that signal, but to get it, they’ve got to take out a pack of flying machines first. There are Glinthawks and Sunwings to contend with here, so put that new Blastsling to good use and make short work of them. The Sunwings can deal Plasma damage that will annihilate Aloy if you’re not quick.

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Turn the signal off at the tower’s base, and you’ll complete Heaven and Earth quest. Seyka gets frustrated with Aloy here, and it’s clear that the two like each other a little more than as hunting buddies, but the secrets between them are keeping them apart for now. Seyka will return to Fleet’s End, where you can pick up the next main story quest when ready. If you haven’t already, you should also take on The Splinter Within side quest to pick up one of the best Outfits in the DLC.