Horse Head Armor Easter Egg in Kingdom Come: Deliverance


The main mode of transport available to Henry, our fledgling protagonist in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, is the horse. While Henry will be given a free horse near the beginning of the main story, there are many better options available, should you have the coin. Let’s have a look at where to find horses, what statistics they offer, how to customize your horse, and where to find a horse head armor easter egg.

Where to Buy a Horse and Horse Armor

Horse Head Armor Easter Egg in Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Horse ArmorTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Horses can be purchased at any of the stables in Bohemia. Be sure to wander through the stables and examine the various horses, in order to get a sense of what they’re like. All horses have a variety of statistics, with some being better suited as pack mules, and some being faster, or better in combat situations. The core stats of all horses are:

  • Speed – determines the maximum speed at which the horse can gallop
  • Capacity – determines the amount of weight the horse can carry
  • Courage – determines how easily the horse will spook when in combat
  • Health – determines how much damage a horse can sustain
  • Stamina – determines how long a horse can gallop for before needing to catch its breath

The groom at the stables will also sell you a variety of horse armor and horse related equipment. Everything from saddles to bridles, horseshoes, and covers are available for purchase. Once you purchase an item, it will be in Henry’s inventory. Be sure to move it to the horse’s inventory and then switch to the Horse tab to equip it. It’s in the Tack tab and works the same way that you would equip gear on Henry. The following pieces of horse armor and related equipment are available:

  • Horse Head Armor – doesn’t seem to be available for sale, but check the easter egg section below
  • Horse Body Armor – doesn’t appear to be available for purchase anywhere
  • Cover – this is a mostly decorative cover for the horse
  • Bridle – this harness allows better control over the horse
  • Sadle – helps armor the horse and controls how much weight it can carry
  • Horseshoes – contributes to the horse’s speed

Horse Head Armor Easter Egg

While we have not yet found any horse head or body armor in the game for sale or as a reward anywhere, we did come across a strange easter egg that rewards the player with some horse head armor. We’re not entirely sure what the relevance or significance of this easter egg is, but we’ll take the armor. The horse head armor is found on a dead horse lying next to a dead chicken inside of a giant nest at the side of a cliff. Yep, you read that right.

Horse Head Armor Easter Egg in Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Marked as an “Interesting site”, the nest is located about halfway up the cliffs east of Ledetchko. It’s a little bit difficult to get there. You can try climbing up to it along the eastern side of it, or try to make your way down from the top. Be sure to save the game before attempting this, as I nearly broke every bone in Henry’s body trying to get there.

Horse Head Armor Easter Egg in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Horse Head Armor Easter Egg in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Once you make your way down to the giant nest, just loot the dead horse and you’ll get the Chanfron and Criniere horse head armor piece. Not only does it add some protection, but it also looks pretty snazzy.

With this newfound knowledge and gear, take Henry for a nice ride through the countryside and the villages in Bohemia and watch your standing with the peasant go up. For more guides for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, be sure to visit our Guide Hub.