How Arts recharge in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Recharge and reload.

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Arts are special abilities that are used in every battle you will come across. Each character has an assortment of Arts they will learn as they level and progress through the story. Each Art has a cooldown after they are used, but how to recharge these Arts is different based on your class. This is how to recharge Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to recharge Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Arts are powers that are unique to each character and class. These skills are varied and fall under numerous types. Arts that deal damage, heal allies, or debuff enemies have long cooldowns before they can be used again. These Arts have different methods of speeding up their cooldown, and the kingdom each character class comes from determines how they can recharge their Arts. These kingdoms are Keves and Agnus, and their respective classes must adhere to their respective methods to use Arts frequently during battle.

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Your party is comprised of six core members. Noah, Lanz, and Eunie are from Keves. Mio, Taion, and Sena come from Agnus. Each of these two nations has a unique method to recharge their Arts.

Keves Classes

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The kingdom of Keves has one method to recharge their class Arts. Kevesi Art gauges will automatically fill over time. Outside of specific buffs, these Arts will always take the same time to return during battle. 

Agnus classes

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The kingdom of Agnus can recharge their class Arts in two ways. Unlike Keves, their class Arts will not refill automatically. Each auto-attack your character executes will fill their Art gauge a small amount. Using attack cancels is a faster method of recharging Arts with Agnus classes.

When your auto-attack hits an enemy, immediately use an Art to cancel the auto-attack animation and activate the Art you selected. If done correctly, you will see a small white flash above your character, and the Art gauge will fill significantly faster than usual.

Understanding how to take advantage of each class’s recharge method will be crucial in executing advanced combat mechanics. Use these skills to frequently pull off Art combos and Mastery Arts in challenging encounters.