How blue supply bins work in Apex Legends

What makes them special?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The blue supply bin is a rare drop in Apex Legends where players can stumble upon in place of a traditional white and orange one. The blue supply bin comes up every so often it, but it’s never on a static spawn. They’re certainly something you and your party members want to go out your way for, though. What other secrets do they contain that you can use to your advantage?

For every character in Apex Legends, the blue supply bin has the same items found in every other container, so they’re always useful if you or someone on your team is starting to run out of ammunition. However, should one of your party members be playing as Lifeline, you want to divert everything to run over to it. Lifeline is the only Apex Legends character who can open up the secret compartment inside of the bin to gain access to several rare items because of her new passive.

When Lifeline opens up the secret compartment, she gains access to higher quality weapon attachments, knockdown shields, and healing items. It’s a little bit like her ultimate, except you don’t need to place anything on cooldown to use it. You should be able to spot any of the rarer blue supply bins, but you should spend a bit more time making sure you don’t merely gloss over one when you’re running to the next circle, especially if Lifeline is on your team.

Where do you find them? Unfortunately, there’s no set location for you and your teammates to rush towards to obtain them. They show up randomly on the map, and they could be anywhere, replacing the standard white and orange bins you’ve become accustomed to seeing. You don’t need to start dropping in a particular place or change any of these patterns, but you do need to remain vigilant for them.

The arrival of the blue supply bins happened in early February during the season 4 trailer. We haven’t had figured out what they were going to do, but now that we do, it was worth the wait, and Lifeline mains have reason to rejoice to provide more for their teammates.