How co-op works in Wild Hearts

The pack hunts together.

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Wild Hearts is Koei Tecmo’s unique spin on the monster-hunting genre and features extensive co-op options. The game allows up to three players to join and complete sidequests, hunt down Kemono, and play together through the campaign. This guide explains how to unlock co-op and how it works in Wild Hearts.

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Wild Hearts co-op guide | How to unlock co-op

Before you can play co-op with strangers or friends, you have to unlock it. Wild Hearts doesn’t take long to let you join the hunt with a group. When you start the game, you must follow the tutorial steps until you can create your character. After you create your hunter, you will face off against a giant ice-covered wolf and receive a lengthy tutorial on the Karakuri system. Once this section is over, you can begin co-op.

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How to play co-op in Wild Hearts

To play online, you need to have an EA ID. Wild Hearts uses full crossplay and the EA id system to allow players across PlayStation, Xbox Series, and PC to match up. If you don’t have an EA id attached to your PSN or Gamertag, you’ll be prompted to create one when you launch the game.

How co-op multiplayer works in Wild Hearts

To play co-op, you must open the Karakuri menu and build a campfire. Hit the Play Online menu option. In this screen, you can search or create matches with a list of options. If you want to match with your friends, set a password so they can gain access to your lobbies.

If you don’t want to create or search for a party, you can play online in various ways. If you encounter a giant Kemono, you can hold down on the D-pad to call for assistance. You can also bring up your map, highlight a monster, and request assistance to try and hunt that target. If you want to help other players, you can find Hunter gates scattered around each environment. If a gate is active, walk up to it to join an active hunt.

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In co-op play, players can progress the story if they are all at the same point in the campaign. If you are playing in a group, we suggest you let the player with the least progress host the group. Doing so will allow you to join and help them catch up, then proceed through the story simultaneously.