How do Landmark Outposts work in State of Decay 2?

Make the most of the best outposts on the map.


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State of Decay 2 Update 25 added a few new features to the game, including Plague Territory, upgradable outposts, and Landmark Outposts. In this guide, we’ll explain how Landmark Outposts work and what benefits you might be able to get from them for your community.

What are Landmark Outposts?

A Landmark Outpost is an outpost with many more benefits. They’re all large structures that offer more of a tactical advantage to your community. However, they don’t provide any sort of supplies. While standard outposts can produce food, medical supplies, and ammo, a Landmark Outpost is more of an extension of your main base.

How to claim a Landmark Outpost

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You can claim Landmark Outposts as you do standard outposts. You’ll have to clear the area of enemies first, then head inside and claim it. If there’s a Plague Heart nearby, you’ll have to destroy it before you can claim this area. You might have to abandon an older outpost first if you want to claim the Landmark Outpost as your own.

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Once you’ve claimed a Landmark Outpost, you’ll be given a choice of three strategies. You can only choose one, and it will dramatically change the advantages that the Landmark Outpost provides. These differ depending on which Landmark Outpost you’ve claimed. To give you an idea, the options for New Hope Church are as follows.

  • Shelter Strategy: The location provides four additional beds for your community. You won’t need to build these beds in your main base, meaning you can sacrifice some space for another structure.
  • Sanctum Strategy: This strategy changes the location into a social space to help the community relax.
  • Stronghold Strategy: Transforms the location into a stronghold from which snipers will protect your community, lowering the threat of zombies overrunning your base.

Each Landmark Outpost will offer something similar. You’ll need to choose what benefits you want based on the needs of your community at the time. For example, if you require beds, the Shelter Strategy seems the most sensible. If your threat level is high, though, then the Stronghold Strategy is better. Finally, if your community needs more time to relax, the Sanctum Strategy is the way forward.

There is a Landmark Outpost for each map in the game. You can track it through the special icon on the map. See below for a reference for this icon.

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If you look for these outposts first on a map, then you’ll be able to take the best locations before things get too hairy later in the game.