How do mini collection events work in Pokémon Go? – Collection Challenges

Let’s collect Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

Capturing Pokémon is all about collecting them and filling up your PokéDex to collect all of the new Pokémon of a region and any returning options. Pokémon Go has the same concept, with certain creatures wandering around specific parts of the world or only appear when it’s foggy out or windy. To place a little heat for those interested in some friendly competition, Niantic will be adding mini collection events, also known as Collection Challenges.

A mini collection event will reward players with a badge that they earn by capturing a specific series of Pokémon underneath a time limit. If you finish the collection, you’ll receive an Elite Collector Medal, and it’ll detail the date of when you completed it. For those who like to show off their badges.

The Elite Collector Medal comes with specific challenges. You can see your progress on the medal, letting you know how much left you have to do for that challenge, and it’ll come with a time limit. The mini-collection events will serve as a great way to keep players competitive and not force everyone to focus on battling. If you prefer running around, capturing Pokémon, and receiving a reward, these events will sit well with you.

When these events go live, they might feature specific regions of Pokémon, ones from a certain generation, or even a wide variety in a specific list. Niantic can have a lot of fun and offer some creative challenges, so long as they’re not forcing trainers to capture ones that are locked to certain parts of the world, Pokémon Go players can have a lot of fun.