How do Secrets work in Hot Wheels Unleashed?

Unlock new paths.


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Hot Wheels Unleashed has a colossal number of events for you to compete in. While you’re working your way through them on the world map, you’ll come across Secrets that are blocking your way, but they’re not easy to solve. This guide explains how you solve Secrets, so you can focus on winning as many races as possible.

How do Secrets work?

Secrets are purple nodes in the world map that block your path occasionally. While you can still advance to events in other areas, these nodes will remain unlocked until you complete the task they set you. It’s possible to work out what you need to do to solve some secrets by reading the clue on the node. For example, an early Secret states, “Reckless Driving: with a special appearance by Bone Shaker.”

This clue tells you what you need to do to unlock the Secret. You must complete the Reckless Driving event using the Bone Shaker car. All you need to do is acquire the Bone Shaker car by purchasing or unlocking it and then use it in the Reckless Driving event. This will unlock the Secret, a reward, and a new path to explore in the world. There are a total of nine Secrets to discover and complete in the game world. Most have a clue like this, but some are more obscure and require a bit more thought on your part to figure out what car and event combination you need to create to unlock them.