How does Ouroboros work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? All Character Pairings

Fuse your characters to create a powerful combination.

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Characters in Xenoblade Chronicles have the power to access Ouroboros. With this ability, these two party members will combine and become a singular power, significantly augmenting their strength. All of your party members can use the Ouroboros ability, but there are character combinations you will need to follow. Here’s what you need to know about how Ouroboros works in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and all of the character pairings.

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How Ouroboros works

The Ouroboros ability will be available during combat. The two characters will be standing next to each other, combining into a single form. Only one of these characters will be taking hold of the form, and you can swap between which character you’re using in that Ouroboros link. An Ouroboros form will have different abilities based on what character you have as the main focus, and the form of the Ouroboros will also change.

You can earn points for your Ouroboros by using them in combat and enhancing these forms to make them even more powerful. You can also utilize the Ouroboros form for chain attacks, creating devastating combinations that can destroy powerful targets, clearing the way for your party members, and giving them swaths of experience points to make them stronger.

The Ouroboros ability will only work for a limited amount of time. Once the timer runs out, the link breaks, and the two characters separate.

All Ouroboros character pairings

These are all the character combinations and Ouroboros forms you can create in Xenoblade Blade Chronicles 3.

Lanz and Sena

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Noah and Mio

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Taion and Eunie

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