How does power boosting gear work in Marvel’s Avengers?

Time to make those numbers bigger.

Every hero in Marvel’s Avengers has a gear loadout to enhance their abilities. You can choose the type of gear they use to modify your playstyle, highlighting how you wish to give them the best skills. You may want to give them additional defenses, increase their melee prowess, or enhance the amount of damage their abilities are capable of dishing out. It varies on the type of gear you find, and how you like to play them. All of the gear pieces come with a power number attached to them, and you can give them a power boost.

When you find a piece of gear, it will have a definitive number next to it, detailing its power level. You use this number to compare it to the equipment your character already has on them, and then you see what type of skills the gear piece enhances. When examining a gear piece, look at the bottom of see how many times you can boost it. A gear boost increases the number of the overall strength of the item, enhancing the stats further, giving you a better power rating.

To power boost an item, you need to meet the resource requirement at the bottom. You will be able to see what type of resource you need, and how many it takes to boost it. Each item comes with a set number of power boosts, and after you max this out, you need to wait until you find a higher level item better than the one you have equipped. Power boosting is a way to ensure you’re not always spending too much time on the gear screen, comparing the numbers, and lets you keep your gear longer. It’s still a numbers game, though, so it helps, but it’s not life-changing.