How does Relaxed Mode work in No Man’s Sky? Answered

Everything you need to know about Relaxed Mode.

Image via Hello Games

Six years after its release, No Man’s Sky arrived on the Switch on October 7. The arrival on the platform came with the announcement that the game will reach version 4.0. The 4.0 update brings new custom game modes, seamless auto-saves, your own personal trade rocket, a visual overhaul for your inventory, improved visual effects throughout the Anomaly, new asteroid variants, and other improvements.

One of the most notable additions in the update was the inclusion of a Relaxed Mode. Dynamic difficulty allows players to adjust the game difficulty at any time, giving them more opportunities to challenge themselves or make things easier for themselves. Normal difficulty is what most players are used to, and Survival difficulty has pushed players to challenge themselves in order to survive. If players wanted to switch to the Relaxed Mode, what does that mean for their game?

What players can expect from Relaxed Mode

No Man’s Sky’s Relaxed Mode is a difficulty that is exactly what it says on the tin. It is the difficulty mode for players who are looking for a less stressful experience when they play the game. There will be less danger as you explore different planets, and costs have been lowered to avoid grinding for long periods of time (though you will still have to grind).

Thanks to the update’s introduction of adjusting your difficulty at any point, you can play in Relaxed Mode to regain your bearings or make things easier for yourself. This is great for returning players who haven’t been playing the game for a long time. Instead of jumping straight into the deep end and having to put yourself at risk, returning players can cut down on the danger and relearn the game without fear.

When players are ready for greater challenges, they are free to adjust the difficulty up to their preferred level and keep on going. There are many new features that make No Man’s Sky easier to play and manage, and Relaxed Mode is perfect for helping veterans return and experience the world in a more streamlined experience than before.