How to finish a Capture mission in less than 90 seconds in Warframe – Speedster Challenge

Get a move on.


Nightwave Series 3 is here, bringing new Acts that we need to complete to get those sweet rewards. To finish the Speedster challenge, you will need to finish a Capture mission in less than 90 seconds.

This is pretty easy to do, but if you are new to the game there are some helpful hints and tips that we can give you to make life easier. First, pick the right mission to complete. We would suggest the Capture mission at Mantle on Earth. The capture target is incredibly weak, so it dies quickly allowing you to not waste time. The entrance and exit to the mission should be about 400 meters from the target, giving you a reasonably small distance to cover.

Mantle, Earth

After that, the Warframe you choose is important. Loki is good because he is quick, and can use longterm invisibility to remain hidden, making sure other enemies don’t annoy you as you head for the target.

Volt and Guass are also great options, as they are so fast, but controlling them can be difficult for some players. Nova is also useful as she can use her portals to rapidly travel across the map. People with access to Spoiler Mode (if you need to ask, you haven’t reached that part of the game yet, so we don’t want to spoil anything for you) can also use it to blink across the map if they need to.

The last piece of advice is to run the mission solo, so make sure you set that option in the top left of the mission select screen. Running missions with other people is fun, but there is no guarantee that everyone in the capture mission will want to get out quickly, and you could go over the time waiting for teammates to show up.

Earth is an easy planet to handle, and you should have no issues doing the mission alone.