How to get married and have children in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Two and a half kids.

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

Getting married and having some kids is always a nice goal for some people to have, but in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, it also acts as insurance. If you have a family, you have an heir, which means you can catch an unfortunately placed axe or spear, and your legacy will live on.

How to get married

Getting married is surprisingly difficult in the game, thanks to the traditions of the time. First, you need to go to a large town and start searching for a suitable partner. Being the olden days, same-sex marriage isn’t a thing, so keep an eye out for an appropriate person of the opposite gender.

Go the Lord’s room in the town, then tell the guards you wish to speak to someone. In the top left of the screen, you will see the portraits of Lords and Ladies. Open the encyclopedia page for them by right-clicking on the portrait, then check their marital status.

When you find a suitably unmarried noble, the courting game can begin. It might be best to save scum this a little bit if you want to get hitched, as the process relies on skill checks to keep their interest. If you fail to impress, you won’t get another shot with that particular noble. You will need to try and pick the correct answers to various questions the noble will ask. All answers will display the likelihood that they will succeed, so pick the highest probability answers. When it is done, you can tell them you admire them and ask them to marry you.

Getting through this will be made much easier by having good renown and plenty of status, as this will affect the chances of failure for each question.

It gets a little confusing here, like a lot of stuff in Bannerlord right now, but you can leave for a while, then come back and answer another round of questions. If that is successful, you will then need to get their family on your side.

Ask about their liege, and they will tell you who they are. Use the encyclopedia to find out where they are, then go there and talk to them about finalizing the marriage.

This means you have to pay because a wife or husband isn’t free in Bannerlord. Once you make good with the money, you will have a brand new partner to rule the clan with you.

How to have children

To have children, just have the husband or wife NPC in your party, and it will happen automatically after some time passes. To get them to join the party, just speak with them in the town where they live.

Now, we don’t know yet how a pregnancy will impact a female character if you are playing as one, so that particular part of life’s miracle will need to remain a mystery for a little while, but we will update the article when we find out.