How to get the Poached Egg of the Sea in Roblox Egg Hunt 2020


Roblox Players

Image via Roblox Corporation

To add the Poached Egg of the Sea to your collection in the Roblox Egg Hunt, you will need to play Whatever Floats Your Boat. Make sure you use the linked game, as there are multiple versions of this game on Roblox.

You will need to build a boat, then place a special event item on it and survive until the end of the round while in possession of that item. If it is your first time playing this game, you should start with a default boat. This is perfect, as it means you don’t have to build anything for the event.

If you do need to build something, you may want to play a few rounds to earn some gold so you can make a good boat, then open the Build menu at the bottom of the screen and start buying parts for your boat. Try to make it well balanced, and not with too much weight on any one side, or it will just flip over.

Whether you build a boat or use the default one, you will need to buy a Glorious Egg Podium. Before the round starts, some of the boats will be randomly made “Potent,” which means an egg will appear on the podium. It is your job to finish the round with an egg in your possession, and if you can, that is how you get the Poached Egg of the Sea.

If one spawns on your boat, you need to protect it. If not, you will need to steal the egg from someone else. You can break a Podium by holding F, and this will make you grab the egg. When the build menu is closed, you will also have access to a sword and a gun to defend yourself with, but won’t be able to use them if you are holding an egg.

If you are lucky, and your boat is made Potent at the start of the round, it’s a good idea to build something around the podium, so nobody can see that you have the egg.

If you manage to finish the round with an egg, you will get the Poached Egg of the Sea.