How hacking works in Watch Dogs: Legion

Hack your way to a liberated city.

How to play Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer

For fans of the Watch Dogs series, hacking is a basic and essential tool that makes being outnumbered feel like an easier experience. In Watch Dogs: Legion, the hacking tools have returned, and you and your team of DedSec members have a variety of new features added to it that should make your life a bit easier.

For those who want to look at an object and quickly hack it, all you have to do is hit a single button and the object will start to malfunction. What that hack does varies on the type of technology you want to interact with. For example, it might cause a well-placed distraction to pull a guard or citizen away for a few seconds, giving you time to sneak around to the next corridor, infiltrating the rest of the building. There are numerous alternatives, from activating a car alarm, causing a smartphone to malfunction, to causing a car accident. You have to be in range of the object to interact and hack it.

You can do more specific hacks by taking an extra step and bringing up your hacking menu. The hacks on this menu are more varied and provide you specific outcomes. Both hacks have a decent cooldown associated with them, so after you’ve finished hacking something, you have to wait a little bit before you can hack something else.

Using a variety of hacks can kame distracting guards, and being outnumbered feel a lot easier. Whenever you want to remain stealth, take a few seconds to survey your immediate area and find a way to distract someone before they spot you.