How to Land 30 Hits with Bananas Using a Driver Wearing a Tie in Mario Kart Tour

30 hits bananas driver tie mario kart tour

Challenges show up every week in Mario Kart Tour, and they show no sign of stopping. There’s one where you need to land 30 hits with any bananas while using a driver wearing a tie in the game. There are a limited amount of drivers you can pick from to complete this task.

Here’s your list of drivers you can use to complete this challenge:

  • Donkey Kong
  • Mario (Musician)
  • Waluigi (Bus Driver)

These are the only three drivers you can use in this challenge. Of the three, you likely do not want to use Mario (Musician) because his frenzy ability has to do with using bom-bombs, not bananas. Donkey Kong has access to the giant banana item, which is a massive banana that sits in the track waiting for unsuspecting drivers to hit it. If they do it, it splits into three different bananas, increasing Donkey Kong’s chance of hitting other drivers. Waluigi (Bus Driver) can summon triple bananas around him to bash into other drivers or toss on the track.

Regardless, any of these drivers can pass through an item box and have a banana spawn on their position. Throw it on the track and wait for a driver to ride over it. Luckily, you do not need to complete this challenge during a single race or on a specific track. However, you may want to double-check your driver’s favored courses to find out the best ones to take them on while working on this challenge. If you take them to a preferred course, they have the chance to gain three items whenever they hit an item box, thus increasing your chances for more bananas to show up.

Keep throwing those bananas out and trying to disrupt unsuspecting drivers. For those who are good at discovering choke points, bananas are a great way to make turns extremely difficult to bypass.