How long does it take to beat Inscryption? Answered

Curious to see if you have the time to finish Inscryption?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Inscryption is not a fast-paced game by any standard. There are rogue-like elements that can cause a run to end — bad RNG, such as unlucky draws, can stop even the best decks from proceeding. Add in the fact that there are three acts to burn through, each with unique mechanics to worry about and a host of puzzles that can slow you down, and you’re looking at a pretty solid amount of time for an indie game.

Inscryption is a solid 10 to 15 hours to complete from game launch to credit sequence. This calculation assumes that it is your first time through, you are not looking up how-to guides or puzzle solutions, and that you have average luck when it comes to the ‘heart of the cards’. Subsequent playthroughs or using our guides to solve puzzles and beat bosses will run you anywhere from 5 to 7 hours.

This game length is, of course, ignoring the entire wealth of information that is hidden below the surface. There is an ARG going on right now involving some of the hidden data — we even got to see Daniel Mullins, the creator, attack some ARG players. Inscryption will provide whatever time you want from it.