How long does it take to beat Little Nightmares II?

Child’s play.

How long does it take to beat Little Nightmares II?

Little Nightmares II expands on the story, world, and lore from its 2017 predecessor, and Tarsier Studios’ latest horror adventure offering is a bigger game as a result.

Fans who are contemplating purchasing it may be wondering how many hours they will have to sink into Little Nightmares II to complete the story. There are plenty of collectibles and secrets to unearth throughout too, and the time taken to achieve 100% completion will, naturally, be even longer.

For those of you who are only interested in beating the main game, Little Nightmares II will take between six and seven hours to beat. This takes into account cutscenes, the number of deaths you rack up, and how quickly you want to complete the story, so you fall foul of online spoilers. There are only five chapters, but each one takes over an hour to progress through, so bear that in mind if you plan on finishing it in a single sitting.

Collectibles, including hats and Glitching Remains, are also available to seek out. If you plan to discover them all in the same playthrough, you will need to set aside eight to nine hours to do so. There are multiple secret achievements and trophies to unlock too, but you don’t have to earn them all in the same campaign run. Little Nightmares II has a chapter selection menu option, which allows you to replay specific levels if you have missed anything.