How long does it take to beat No More Heroes 3?

Will it get crazy for longer?

Image via Grasshopper Manufacture

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No More Heroes 3 will be a wild ride into the strange and exhilarating. From the creative mind of SUDA51, Nintendo Switch owners will experience the fast-paced action combat of the game in flashy, gory style. The prior games in the series have been around 8-12 hours long, but will the third be a lengthier trip into mayhem? Let’s find out.

During an interview with GameXplain, No More Heroes 3 director SUDA51 said that if players have the game on easy or normal difficulties, it will be a 15-20 hour game. That longer playtime will likely make the 11-year wait from long-time fans of the series worth it.

You should also account for the side jobs that Travis Touchdown can perform throughout the game like cutting the grass with a lawnmower and unplugging a toilet. Oh, and you can suplex an alligator for money too. While exploring the open world, you’ll find more things to do in the city of Santa Destroy, lengthening the play time. On HowLongToBeat, completionists for the first game have reported that it takes double the playtime as the main story to finish everything in the game. Maybe we’ll see in the same in No More Heroes 3.

In the same interview with GameXplain, SUDA51 also said that it may take another 10 years to see No More Heroes 4, so our advice to fans is to savor the experience as much as they can.