How many bosses are there in Praey for the Gods? Answered

How many gods will you need to take down?

Screenshot via Praey for the Gods YouTube

Praey for the Gods is a Kickstarter-funded survival action game that’s heavily inspired by the PS2 classic, Shadow of the Colossus. Just like that game, Praey for the Gods tasks players with scaling gigantic, moving bosses (the titular gods) and damaging their glowing weak points in order to bring them down. Players will need to carefully balance their stamina as they climb the mammoth gods and think strategically in order to succeed at exploiting their weak points. But how many of these massive beasts will you need to take down in order to beat Praey for the Gods?

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According to the page for the game’s Steam achievements, Praey for the Gods features eight bosses for players to conquer. It’s definitely a smaller number compared to the bosses from the game that inspired it, which included double that amount. However, that doesn’t necessarily make Praey for the Gods any less thrilling. It’s also worth keeping in mind that unlike Shadow of the Colossus, Praey for the Gods features other enemies to battle beside the bosses, as well as collectibles and a survival/crafting system. Praey for the Gods also includes mini-bosses known as Champions for players to fight between battles with the gods.