How many chapters are there in Like a Dragon: Ishin? Full chapter list

It will take you a while to complete all of them.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin is a remake of the 2014 video game, Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin, which was released for the PlayStation 4. Ever since the game’s announcement, Yakuza fans have been eager to try it out. Like everyone else, one of the biggest questions they have in their mind is how many chapters are there in Like a Dragon: Ishin? In this guide, we are going to answer this question in detail.

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All story chapters in Like a Dragon: Ishin

If you’re planning to play Like a Dragon: Ishin, you might want to clear your schedule as the game is going to take a lot of time to complete. And we aren’t even talking about the entire game — just the main chapters alone. This is because there are a total of 14 chapters in the game, as listed below:

  • Chapter 1: Escaping Home
  • Chapter 2: The Man Named Saito Hajime
  • Chapter 3: Mibu Wolves
  • Chapter 4: Joint Struggle
  • Chapter 5: The Iron Code
  • Chapter 6: The Ikedaya Incident
  • Chapter 7: The Two Ryomas
  • Chapter 8: The Mad Dog Howls
  • Chapter 9: Feud of the Ages
  • Chapter 10: True Identities
  • Chapter 11: The Great Gamble
  • Chapter 12: Kyo Ablaze
  • Chapter 13: The Assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma
  • Chapter 14 (Final Chapter): Dawn Breaks
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Depending on the difficulty settings you select, it will take you around one to two hours to complete a single chapter. In other words, it will take you somewhere between 20 to 25 hours to finish all of them. While most of the chapters will take place in Kyo, some will be set at different locations.

It is important to note that while these are just the main story missions, there are a total of 72 substories that you can complete as well. These substories will have you going on different adventures, including fighting bears.