How many chapters are there in Lust From Beyond?

Expect twists and shocks.

Lust From Beyond

Screenshot by Gamepur

Lust From Beyond’s tale of Victor Hollow and his journey with the Cult of Ecstasy and Scarlet Lodge will get fans of Lovecraft, H.R. Giger, and erotica fiction excited. It offers a story embedded in the occult with heavy sexual undertones and is not suitable for minors.

That said, there are plenty of horror thrills to be had, too, with an unsettling atmosphere produced throughout the game. From the dark streets of Bleakmoor to the aberration-filled Lusst’ghaa, the bone-chilling combination of brooding art and string instruments building suspense help to provide maximum spooks.

The game itself is set up like a first-person RPG with minimal combat, with the story taking a front seat. As such, you can expect a campaign that will last between seven to 10 hours.

There are 15 full chapters in the game with a short epilogue to finish, all of which heavily vary in length. If you wish to try the two prologue episodes before the main game, you’ll add about an extra hour to the experience, and neither contains spoilers for the main character Victor’s story.

Here are all the Chapters in Lust From Beyond:

  • Chapter 1: Queen of Ecstacy
  • Chapter 2: Victor Holloway
  • Chapter 3: The Stranger
  • Chapter 4: Shadow Over Bleakmoor
  • Chapter 5: Scarlet City
  • Chapter 6: The Doctor
  • Chapter 7: Welcome Among Us
  • Chapter 8: The Journey of Understanding
  • Chapter 9: Kidnapped
  • Chapter 10: Below the Eden
  • Chapter 11: Dancing in Red
  • Chapter 12: Initiation
  • Chapter 13: The Chamber of Trinity
  • Chapter 14: The Mask of Ughro’ecna
  • Chapter 15: Wrath of the Queen
  • Epilogue