How many levels are in Doom: Eternal?

How long will your Doom: Eternal adventure last?

Image via Bethesda

Doom: Eternal is all about the single-player experience. You play as the silent Doom guy, who goes around saving the world from the demon horde invading it, after their souls to create the boundless energy. You do it alone, and you keep things professional by destroying every last demon scum you encounter. But how long is your single-player adventure going to be?

You can expect to play 13 different levels in Doom: Eternal. Not all of them feature boss fights, but a variety of different demons will be coming after you trying to prevent you from saving the Earth, and the rest of the universe, while you’re at it. The levels are:

  • Hell on Earth
  • Exultia
  • Cultist Base
  • DOOM Hunter Base
  • Super Gore Nest
  • Arc Complex
  • Mars Core
  • Sentinel Prime
  • Taras Nabad
  • Nekravol
  • Nekravol – Part II
  • Urdak
  • Final Sin

You can play through the entire game and have the same experience if you play it on the easiest difficulty or if you play it on the hardest. You don’t have to have the best experience playing it on hard, but if you enjoy it, don’t let anyone stop you from testing your skills and reflexes. Eventually, you will have the chance to open up master levels.

Doom: Eternal features a variety of different secrets in the game you should make sure to pick up while playing through it. If you want to play through old missions, make sure to check out the mission select screen at the top of your ship. When you want a break from the modern action, go down to the Doom guy’s private room to play the classic Doom and Doom 2 on his computer.