How many people play Warframe? – total player count

You are not alone, Tenno.

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Warframe, Digital Extremes’ third-person action RPG has proven to be a huge success, drawing in a passionate player base from all over the world. The actual active player count of the game tends to wax and wane, and it is hard to get visibility of the console populations, but in this article, we will break down what we know about the Warframe playerbase.

First, the game has over 50 million total players since launch, which is a hugely impressive number. That accounts for all regions, and all platforms since the game launched.

On Steam, the game had a 2021 high of 83K players in March, but this can vary a lot. For example, in August 2020 the peak players was 150K thanks to new content that cause a flood of people to return to the game.

Warframe players also tend to invest a lot of time into the game each month. As of April of this year, Warframe players on Steam have spent a total of 32 million hours in the game, and that is just one platform. When you start to add in three other platforms it becomes obvious that the player base has spent an enormous amount of time in the game.

The next update on the size of the player base is likely to come at Tennocon 2021, which will take place on July 17.