How many phases in Scarlet Nexus?

Narrative rules.

Scarlet Nexus features a roughly 20-hour campaign that will delve into the world of the game, the members of the OSF, the details of the protagonist’s life and past. The game is also broken up into different Phases. Scarlet Nexus follows a fairly traditional story structure, and Phases are basically just Chapters.

There are 12 phases in total in the Scarlet Nexus campaign. Because you can select your main character, and each one has their own perspective during the campaign, it is important to note that both have the same number of Phases. This does mean there is an effective total of 24 Phases in order to witness the entirety of the narrative in Scarlet Nexus.

If you are wondering if there are major differences between the two stories, the answer is yes. These are not slightly different views of the same events but are pretty much completely different stories that result in a roughly 40-hour campaign in total before you will have the full picture of what is happening.

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