How many weekly challenges are there in Halo Infinite?

Complete all of the weekly challenges to earn the weekly reward.

Screenshot by Gamepur via Halo YouTube

If you’re looking to level up your battle pass in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, you’ll need to work through the several daily and weekly challenges that you have available. The daily challenges refresh each day at 12 PM ET, and the weekly challenges do the same every Tuesday at the same time, giving you a full week to complete them. How many weekly challenges are there for you to complete in Halo Infinite?

Daily and weekly challenges are broken up into various tiers. There are tier one, tier two, and tier three challenges. Each tier provides you with an additional XP for your battle pass. The tier one challenges earn you 200 XP, the tier two earn you 250 XP, and the tier three nets you 300 XP.

Each week, you can complete eight tier one challenges, eight tier two challenges, and four tier three challenges for a total of 20 challenges. However, once you complete all of those challenges, you will have to finish a capstone challenge to earn the weekly reward for your participation. That’s a total of 21 weekly challenges in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode.

These challenges will refresh and appear with a new list for you to work through each week. If you’re struggling with any challenges in your weekly line-up, you always have the option to use a challenge swap consumable to change it out for something else. You can also look ahead to see how many challenges you have left before the end of the week.