How much Soul Ash do legendaries cost in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands?

Not the ashes David Bowie was referring to.

Image via Blizzard

Crafting your pieces of legendary armor in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands takes time and resources. Those resources come from Soul Ash, the currency created for the new expansion.

The cost of legendary pieces

Soul Ash prices vary depending on the rank of the item you’re trying to create. At Rank 1, you will need a total of 1250 Soul Ash. Rank 2 requires 2000, Rank 3 costs 3200, and Rank 4 will set you back 5150.

Upgrade costs are just the difference between levels, so you won’t spend any extra or less regardless of the method you choose. Upgrading from Rank 1 to 2 costs 750, while going from Rank 2 to 3 requires 1200, and 3 to 4 costs 1950.

How to get Soul Ash

Soul Ash is earned by playing inside the Torghast tower. There are two main methods to gaining this currency for your character. You can complete the introductory quests for the tower; there are eight quests in total, and you will earn a total of 900 Soul Ash for finishing the quest line.

The other method works as a weekly event. There are a total of six wings in Torghast, but only two of them will be available each week. Each of these wings has eight layers, with the biggest reward on the first layer giving you 120 for completing it. You can earn up to 1150 Soul Ash in one week, just shy of the necessary amount for creating a Rank 1 legendary piece.

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