How Old Are Peter Parker & Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 lets us play as two different versions of the hero – so just how old are Peter Parker and Miles Morales anyway?

Peter and Miles Spider-Man 2

Image via Insomniac Games

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, players switch between playing as Peter Parker and Miles Morales, two characters with spider-bite origin stories. However, some may be wondering how old these protagonists are during the events of Spider-Man 2.

If you know Peter Parker best as his teenage nerdy self, it may surprise you to know that he serves the role of older mentor to high school student Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Sure enough, we get an older version of the original Spider-Man in this game and see how he’s grown – and the ways he still hasn’t.

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How Old is Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Peter Parker Spider-Man 2
Image via Insomniac Games

At the start of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we learn that Peter has gotten a job teaching science at the high school of none other than fellow spiderperson Miles Morales. Given his entry into the workforce, players might be curious just how old this version of Parker happens to be.

The game does in fact let us know that Peter is now 25 years old, and that our favorite webslinger managed to graduate with his bachelor’s degree despite all those brilliant but lazy moments of his youth. What’s more, Pete is no longer living in a shabby apartment, but has taken up residence in the house that formerly belonged to his Aunt May, who sadly passed away prior to the start of the game.

There are a few flashback scenes in the game that let us step into the shoes of a teenager Peter Parker as we relive high school memories, but for the most part, our first Spider-Man is 25 through the course of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

How Old Is Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Miles Morales Spider-Man 2
Image via Insomniac Games

Miles, however, fits the bill for our teenage Spider-Man in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. He’s still in high school at the age of 17, living at home, and working on applying to college throughout the story.

Like Peter before him, we see Miles struggling to balance the obligations of academics with his spider duties, but at least he has an ever-so-slightly older mentor to show him the ropes – or the webs, as it were. He’s also got a trusty best friend and love interest at his high school to round out the team.

Having a slightly older version of Peter in this game lets Insomniac add in the flavor of adulthood, such as an overdue mortgage statement and coping with the complexities of taking your childhood friendships into adulthood. Meanwhile, Miles reminds us of all the struggles of trying to apply to college and navigate being a teenager while webslinging around the city.

Even with the mentor/student dynamic going on, both protagonists are still relatively young and are learning how to navigate their personal lives alongside the great responsibility that comes with their great power.