How to Swing Kick Enemies in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

This guide covers how you can perform swing kicks in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, making it easy to complete bonus objectives.

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Performing a Swing Kick can be a difficult attack in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but you’ll be requested to do it in a handful of small crime events in the game. There are a few ways you can do this to enemies, and if you combo your attacks correctly, you can land some heavy hits against them.

You’ll see a bonus objective pop up when responding to a crime activity in a section of the city while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. If you complete it before finishing the activity, there’s a bonus for earning more XP. Here’s what you need to know about how to Swing Kick enemies in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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The Best Way To Swing Kick Enemies in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Swing kick attack in Spider-Man 2
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A swing kick is a specific type of attack that you can use in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. You do it by making sure your Spider-Man is in the air and then holding the Square button. It’s a simple technique, but if your Spider-Man is not in the air, they won’t be able to perform the attack, and that means you won’t get the bonus experience points for completing this objective before finishing a crime activity.

Now, you can jump into the air and perform a swing kick on any foe in front of you.

However, in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there are some additional ways to get the most out of this attack, especially if you’re trying to build up your combo.

Additional Swing Kick Tips

Before using this attack, you can perform a standard air attack, where you’re on the ground and use the Square button on a foe. When standing in front of them hold Square, you’ll knock them into the air, and you can follow up with a powerful swing kick (Jump and then hold Square), knocking them further away from you.

Additionally, you can bring a target to you using the Air Yank attack in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This is done by holding the Triangle button while in the air. Your Spider-Man will fire a web at an enemy and pull them towards them while suspended in the air. You can perform a quick combo against that target, and then finish them off with a swing kick, knocking them back to the ground or even into a small group of foes.

You can take advantage of a swing kick bonus objective requirement in multiple ways. It’s entirely up to you how you pull these off, but knowing the best way to use this attack while playing Spider-Man 2 can give you the biggest combos, and that means you’ll have more Focus you can use for your strongest attacks.