How Prime Resurgence works in Warframe

The Prime Vault is having a tag sale.

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Prime Resurgence was a limited-time event that has returned as a permanent mode in Warframe. Earning prime Warframes and weapons has always been central to the Warframe experience. Prime Resurgence offers two additional methods of unlocking rare and valuable prime Warframe parts and weapons. This guide will break down how Prime Resurgence works in Warframe.

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Warframe Prime Resurgence working, explained

Warframe Prime Resurgence event initially took place in 2021 but has returned as a permanent fixture with the Veilbreaker update. With Prime Resurgence returning as a full-time mode, the offerings have changed from a weekly to a monthly rotation. Every month, a new selection of Prime Warframes, accessories, and weapons will be available to earn.

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To interact and take advantage of the Prime Resurgence vendor and currency, you must travel to Maroo’s Bazaar. Head to your Navigation panel and find the node on Mars. Once you’re inside the relay, head to the back of the lobby to find Varzia. She is the vendor for everything Prime Resurgence. Varzia will sell you items from her shop that can be purchased in two currencies, Aya and Regal Aya.

How to earn Aya and Regal Aya in Warframe

Players can earn a new Resource called Aya in-game or instantly access Prime Warframes, their Weapons, and Accessories with Regal Aya. Aya is a currency that can be made by completing in-game challenges, while Regal Aya is a premium currency that can only be gained with actual money purchases.

Aya is earned by completing bounties in the various open-world levels in Warframe. Zariman bounties are also included in Prime Resurgence. Drop chance for Aya while completing high-level bounty missions has been increased across the board.

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Aya can also be located in Void missions, and they have a chance of appearing alongside Relic Packs in the market and as Syndicate Offering rewards.

Regal Aya is a premium currency that features three bundles available to purchase. Each purchase comes with some platinum, Warframe’s primary premium currency.

  • 3 Regal Aya: 200 Platinum bonus
  • 7 Regal Aya: 400 Platinum bonus
  • 15 Regal Aya: 1200 Platinum bonus

These bundles can be purchased multiple times but can’t be traded amongst other players. Stock up on Aya and Regal Aya to buy rare Prime Warframes and weapons pulled directly from the Prime Vault.