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How To Get Platinum In Warframe

Show me the money.

Warframe, much like all free-to-play games, has a premium currency known as Platinum. Platinum can be used to purchase weapons, Warframes, and other equipment within the game. While you can earn the majority of items in the game by playing, Platinum allows people to shortcut grinds if they want to. There are other items, such as Deluxe Skins, that you can only purchase with the currency.

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A little note here, Platinum cannot be used to purchase user-created skins through the Tennogen program. You can only buy these with real-world currency on whatever platform you play the game on.

How To Get Platinum

1) Purchasing Platinum Bundles

You can purchase Platinum bundles from the Warframe website for real-world currency. An important point about these bundles is that you can get discounts to the price as login rewards. Log in rewards are randomly generated. But there is a chance of getting a discount of anywhere up to 75 percent off of a bundle.

  • 75 Platinum – $4.99
  • 170 Platinum – $9.99
  • 370 Platinum – $19.99
  • 1000 Platinum – $49.99
  • 2100 Platinum – $99.99
  • 4300 Platinum – $199.99

2) Farm In-Game Items And Trade

Players can farm certain in-game items that they can then trade to other players for Platinum. This grind leads to an in-game economy that is dictated by supply and demand. Strong new items and Warframes sell for more. Older items, unless very rare, sell for less. For a full rundown on trading in Warframe, check out our trading guide. Trading is the best way for players to earn Platinum if they are willing to farm items they can earn the currency without spending any money.

3) Prime Access And Prime Vault Packs

When a new Prime Warframe gets introduced, different levels of Prime Access are made available. These will contain various in-game items, including some Platinum. You can also purchase Prime Vault packs when older Primes are unvaulted, but these will contain less Platinum. You can purchase either one from the Warframe website.

4) As Prizes

From time to time, Digital Extremes gives away bundles of Platinum during their Devstreams, or as part of competitions and events. They can also run events with partnered YouTubers and Twitch streamers to give away Platinum. These are hard to predict, so it is best to just the various Warframe social media sites and stay up to date on any giveaways.

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