How Runecrafting works in Total War: Warhammer 2

Give your warriors the runes they deserve.

Image via Creative Assembly

The Runecrafting in Total War: Warhammer 2 has changed slightly following the introduction of The Silence & The Fury DLC launcher, with version 1.12. The modifications to the system allow for you to have a much more freeform choice of what Dwai characters will receive their the runes and allow you to place them on the ones you wish to receive the most benefits. Of course, the more choice you have, the more of the gameplay can reflect your playstyle and how your army rises to power.

The process of creating runes in the Runecrafting menu has remained the same. You’re going to need various resources from across the region that you can acquire by conquering cities or trading them with allies. Once you have enough, you visit your Forge in the lower-right hand section of the screen to have that rune crafted and gifted to a unique champion in your campaign.

Once you’ve completed your Runecrafting project, you can then bestow your finished product on any of your champions. All you have to do is click on your pick, go to their details page, and in the lower right, you’ll see their list of Followers, Runes, and Banners. From here, you can pick what you’d like to equip on them your chosen character. You can also pick any armor, weapons, or other items created for them on a character’s detail page, even if they were runes.

A welcome addition to the system also gives Dwarf characters three Character Rune slots. So rather than taking up equipment, you’ll have a dedicated area to bestow powerful upgrades to your chosen champions. It’s a way to ensure your Dwarf champions do not feel that they need to give up a slot to give them a unique item.